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16 Essential Bullet Journal Terms For Beginners

16 Essential Bullet Journal Terms For Beginners

Like all things new, with a Bullet Journal, there is a bunch of terminology you’re going to have to learn.

You might find it a bit difficult making your way around your Bullet Journal and bullet journal communities if you don’t know what the common names for things are.

Never fear, Jessie is here!

Essential Bullet Journal Terms For Beginners

1. BuJo

BuJo is the shortened name for Bullet Journal. We take the Bu from Bullet and the Jo from Journal. It’s just that simple 🙂

2. Index

just like any book, you should include an index in your BuJo.


So you can find what you’re looking for. You don’t need to think of every page right now, you can build your index as you go.

3. Spreads

Spreads can be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. A spread is usually two pages that “spread” into a double-page feature.

4. Future Log

Your future log is basically a planner for the whole year. It is awesome because you can look at your whole year in one hit. It is also great for setting goals.

5. Key

Your key is a set of symbols and/or colours that you use to help you determine what a task is and where you are at with the task.

Your key could include so many things. I’ve created a list of ideas for you to choose from.

6. Bleeding / Ghosting / Feathering

Unless you got a paper cut, you’re not bleeding and a ghost hasn’t suddenly appeared. Bleeding and ghosting can be the most annoying thing you will encounter. It means that the ink has shown through to the other side of the page. You can avoid this by using quality pens with a good paper GSM.

COMING SOON – How To Fix Mistakes In My Bullet Journal.

7. Themes

themes are exactly what it says. A theme is what you set your page up to look like. It could be sooooo many things. I’ve created a list of some themes you could use.

8. Threading

Ran out of room? Threading is a way to move your page to another area in the book. Just say your page is for movies you want to watch and you ran out of room/ you can “thread” this to another area. At the bottom of the page, write the new page number next to the current one. Then you know- that the new page is the continuance of the Movie list.

9. Migration

Migration is where you have had to reschedule a task for some reason. So, you “migrate” that task to the next month or week – depending on when you need to do the task. It is a way to keep track of the task, so that you don’t forget about it. Make a migration mark such as an arrow next to the task and move it to a new page.

10. Collections

A collection is a page that covers a specific topic and it can be almost anything!

Bullet journal collection ideas - thewritejessie

11. Leuchtturm1917, STM, Moleskine, Rhodia

These are common brand names of Bullet Journals that you can buy.

12. GSM

GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre. It simply means the weight of the paper, which in turn means how thick it is. A good GSM for a Bullet Journal is 100GSM and upwards. The thicker the better, I reckon.

13. A4, A5, A6

You might see these numbers thrown around. This number refers to the size of the page. Most people like to use an A5 size Bullet Journal. A regular letter you receive in the mail is an A4 size – A5 is half of this.

14. Brain Dump

A brain dump is an empty spot in your Bullet Journal that you create. It is a good spot for ideas and notes you want to jot down.

15. Trackers

Trackers are charts and lists that you create in your Bullet Journal to track things in your life. These can be so many things. I’ve created a list for you to give you some ideas.

16. A Year in Pixels

This is one of my favourite pages in a BuJo. You can use this for any topic really, a lot of people use them for tracking their moods for the year.

Can you think of anything else a beginner should know?

Let me know in the comments below.

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