8 ways to combat being stuck in a rut

8 Easy Ways to Combat Being Stuck in a Rut

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Do you feel like you’re not going anywhere in life, like you’re just stuck at a standstill?

Unmotivated, feeling flat and maybe even starting to feel depressed?

Does it feel like you do the same old thing, day in and day out, and nothing ever changes?

You could be stuck in a rut,
but, don’t worry, I got you!

Every now and then, you may find yourself feeling like you’re stuck in a rut.

You might not even know you’re in a rut at the time because
sometimes it just sneaks up on you and BOOM – you’re stuck – just like that piece of chewing gum that most kids get stuck in their hair as a kid.

Like the chewing gum, it can take time to get UN-stuck.

You may need to try a bunch of different strategies and techniques to pull yourself out of the rut and sometimes it might take longer than you expected.

You might have been stuck in a rut before and used a certain technique, and it hasn’t worked this time around. 

You need to know why you’re in a rut in order to get out of the rut.

If you don’t know why you feel so unmotivated and crap, how are you going to fix it?

8 Guilt-Free Tips for
When You’re Stuck in a Rut

 1. Make A Plan And Set Your Goals!

Sometimes looking at the whole picture can be so overwhelming that you just scrap the whole idea.

NO! You’re doing it wrong.

Sit down and write a plan.

You can even start your own Bullet Journal.

I don’t care if it’s on the back of a lolly wrapper in pink pen.

Write it down and break it up into smaller sections.

It’s not rocket science, peeps.

Achieving smaller tasks is a lot easier than trying to tackle one huge task. 

2. Call A Friend

calling a friend can help get you out of a rut

No, this is not a quiz show on how to become a millionaire (but, if you know how, let me know).

Nothing makes you feel better than having a good chat with a friend or a close family member.

It doesn’t even need to be about the crap you have going on. It’s about creating a distraction so you’re not stuck in a rut anymore.

Just simply have a good chat, and most of all have a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.. yada yada yada.

If you aren’t able to visit them, you can call them or better yet, have a video chat – most smartphones will have this feature.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use a Desktop computer, laptop or tablet to make a video call. 

3. Have A Nap.

having a nap can help get you out of a rut

Yeah, you heard me.

Get back in bed and have a nap.

I’m talking about a 20-30 minute nap, not half the day.

Nothing feels better and it is going to make you feel refreshed and hopefully feel a bit better since being stuck in a rut.

I know people say you need to get out of bed and get motivated, but sometimes you need to just get back in there and have a quick refreshing nap.

Please, don’t nap just for the sake of napping. Only have a nap if you feel tired, or you’re going to wake up feeling like crap.

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4. Go For A Walk.

I know… yuck.

Don’t worry, let’s make it fun.

Download the app “zombie run*.

This is an awesome walking/running motivator.

You play a game and your GPS navigation moves your character along in the game.

If you’re a bit of a kid at heart, you can try other apps like Pokémon Go*

You will need internet to play these games as it uses your GPS to track your character.

Oh yeah, please don’t forget your COVID-19 isolation rules and stick with your local or international government guidelines regarding external exercise limits.

The good news is these games can be played single-player #iso2020

*thewritejessie.com is not affiliated in any way with any of the apps mentioned above. 

5. Watch A Comedy

girl watching a comedy show laughing with popcorn thewritejessie

Nothing makes you feel greater than having a big ol’ jolly – right from the belly – laugh.

You know that unstoppable, sometimes annoying cackling.

And you just can’t stop laughing.

Trust me – try it! 

6. Organise and Declutter.

I know- yuck again.

You’re probably thinking by now that I’ve lost my mind, but trust me- this one is a good one.

I don’t mean get up and mop the floor and do the dishes. I want you to get up and go to the back of the cupboard.

Find that box or draw full of “I’ll definitely use this one day junk”. Your task will be to find their purpose.

Now, don’t get too carried away or you’ll be stuck in a rut for longer.

One junk draw or box is plenty.

If you pull everything out- you’re gonna be overwhelmed and annoyed at the mess and the huge task of organising it all is just gonna piss you off. Because who created that mess – YOU did.

It’s a good idea to categorise the items, even if it’s only in your head.

I don’t expect a full itemised list of your junk draw.

It’s just so you can actively think if you really need it, and does it belong there.

My categories are :

  • Keepsakes
    These are things I don’t always look at but I would never ever part with; such as my sons first outfit that he ever, ever, ever wore in the hospital back in 2008. Bless his little cotton socks (more like smelly man socks now).
  • Random trinkets/tools
    These might be a set of Allen keys, a screwdriver, those stupid tweezers you can never find, batteries. Come on now, put them in their rightful places. Unless that’s where they live of course.
  • Paperwork
    My favourite pastime is to read my mail and then chuck it in the draw and leave it there for 6 months. You can either destroy the documents or put them in a cute little docu-lope! I got a set of 3 for $1 a few months ago. (Still not opened). 
  • Rubbish
    Literal rubbish. Chip packets that your kid has stuffed in the draw, lolly wrappers… 🍬 whatever it is, just get rid of it.
  • Pens and other stationery
    It could be one stray pencil with the end chewed… if you don’t have a pencil case, you can grab a cup you don’t use and put your pens in there! Ta-da!

I don’t know what you have in there but you get the idea.

7. Have A Good Snuggle Session
With A Loved One.
snuggling with family can help get you out of a rut

This could simply be watching a tv show together or reading a book in bed together or separately- you might like different genres.

Your feel-good hormones will escalate with the feeling of being loved, wanted and most of all appreciated.

I know that’s something I always want!

Grab it while you can! 

8. Log Off.

Okay, now I’m officially c-ray-zee!

I want you to turn off all your TVs, video consoles, tablets, phones yada yada yada – whatever you have going on media-wise.

Go and do something that doesn’t involve a screen. It could be anything really. 

Here are some of my go-to activities to have time out and to get myself out of a rut:

Read A Book
A real book, people.
Not a kindle, not a PDF file.
A proper book, with real paper.
You do remember those, right?
You don’t have to read the entire thing – how about we make a commitment, to read a chapter or two each night.

Okay, now we are talking.
Food, food, glorious food.
Zeke and I made brownies the other day and – OH MY – They were so good.
We did cheat and use a packet, but whatever. Same same. 

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Yup, you heard me. I’m your regular Picasso.
I’ve completed 4 paintings and I’m working on my 5th one right now. The finishing touches are being done and it’s ready to go to its new home.

I don’t sell my paintings because they would breach copyright laws. Example: my most recent painting uses characters from Adventure Time.

If you have enough talent and you can paint some original content,
I don’t see why you couldn’t make a go of it.

I can spend hours in the garden.
Digging, planting, pulling out weeds.

You think you have finished and a few weeks later, it’s full of weeds again!
And yes, I have used weed killer.

(I better get back to it.)
Those weeds aren’t gonna pull themselves. 

I can’t believe you made it to the end, good job.
You should be digging your way out of the rut by now!

Do you have any other tips? Let me know about them below.

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  1. These are some great tips. I particularly like switching tech off once a week and doing something more productive with my time like reading a book or baking a cake.

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